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Eddie Rispone for Governor Launches First Major Ad Buy

Baton Rouge, LA—Today, Eddie Rispone for Governor launched their first major ad buy for the 2019 gubernatorial campaign. The five-figure buy will begin in the Baton Rouge metro area with more markets likely to follow.


The dynamic advertising campaign features a vibrant yellow background with campaign branding and a nearly 10 foot tall photo of Eddie Rispone, slightly larger than actual size. The advertising campaign pushes the message of Rispone as a conservative outsider who will take on special interest groups in Louisiana.


With more and more Louisianans trapped in Baton Rouge traffic jams, “We felt it best to use the outdoor advertising space to our full advantage,” said Communications Director Anthony Ramirez. The Capital Region ranks third highest in commuter delays for medium sized cities at 47 hours per year according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute 2015 Urban Mobility Study.


Rispone, the only full-time candidate in the field, said, “Since January we’ve put over 10,000 miles on my truck, with nearly 50 campaign stops across the state. A few things stand out on my travels: the outpouring of support, just how great my yard signs look against the wonderful Louisiana scenery, better than expected gas station food, and how many yellow personal injury billboards I’ve seen.”


Taking a page from some of the most prolific advertisers in Louisiana, Rispone said of the trial attorneys, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”


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