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Eddie Rispone visits Monroe to meet with voters

From: KNOE

MONROE, La. (KNOE) –¬†Gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone visited Monroe Friday to meet with voters.

He says he wants to bring business into North Louisiana by lowering taxes in order to create a more business-friendly environment.

Rispone also said that he wants to update the state’s constitution. He said he wants communities to have more freedom to make their own rules.

For instance, he said a small town shouldn’t be required to fill government positions such as police jury seats if it couldn’t afford to do so.

Rispone said the more freedom communities have to govern themselves, the better.

“The more you can give people the latitude to govern themselves, the better off they are. The closer the money is being spent and the control of it, the better it is being spent,” said Rispone. “When you send it to Baton Rouge, or to Washington, you’re losing control. Now you got to go beg somebody for your money.”

We have an extended interview with Rispone at the top of the page.


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