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Gubernatorial candidates will head to the polls to cast their vote early


Voters have been casting their vote since early voting began over the weekend, and now the candidates for governor will be doing the same.

Governor John Bel Edwards and Eddie Rispone will head to the polls Monday for the primary election.

The official election day which is October 12th.

Recent polls from ‘We Are America’ show Rispone now holding the second-place spot with 23 percent which is a seven percent increase from the last poll. Congressman Ralph Abraham dropped to 17-percent while Edwards still holding a lead with 47 percent.

If no candidate gets more than fifty percent of the vote, the top two will run against one-another on November 16th.

Rispone will be voting at the Louisiana Archives Building in Baton Rouge and Edwards will cast his vote in his hometown of Amite.

Early voting will run to Saturday, October 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.